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Configure proxy for the CSI Driver & One Agent Operator v0.14.2+


Hi @Enrico_F  - Hope you get this, since I can't respond to your post because of the title 😂 'white list' is a naughty word.  

Firstly, the Operator 14.2+ changes the proxy internals and frameworks, so there are a few things that you need to know.

Operator 0.14.2 has an issue around this proxy feature, it was resolved in v0.15.0, it was then broken again and resolved in v1.1.0+ 

to get your particular version to work, you need to set the following in your CRD




annotations: "dynakube-activegate.dynatrace,.svc.cluster.local,.dynatrace" "true" "dynakube-activegate.dynatrace,.svc.cluster.local,.dynatrace"




We also set the Network Zone settings to drop any communications outside if the cluster, so that it would not use any other active gate. 

Also on a side note, from v14.2+ if you use a private repo for an image, then you need to also include the private repository in no-proxy annotations. 

Next, under the 'OneAgent' config




      - "--set-host-group=#CONTEXT"
      - "--set-proxy="




Set the proxy to null, this is required to apply an environment variable to the one agent pods and make it work. 

Note: the 'args' parameters are not required in v0.15.0 or in v1.1.0+ for the proxy to work.
Hope this helps


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