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Data is missing from Dynatrace for Kubernetes Cluster applications

Hi All, Hoping someone could help me on this.

We have Dynatrace deployed on our Kubernetes Cluster (ClassicFullStack Monitoring). We have multiple workloads on our cluster but we are seeing some weird behaviours. It looks like the service layer (the most important one) is not showing/retrieving data from all the PODS.

Example - If I look at the exposed service details, it shows me that it is served from all 3 PODS (check Screenshot-1) but when I look at the service level it only shows 1 POD (check Screenshot-2) and I suspect that is why we are missing the data at service level. I think in an ideal scenario the service should be served by all 3 PODS, at-least this is what I can see at source (GCP).

Does anyone has come across this behaviour and know what is happening? I am parallely raising a ticket with Dynatrace also but if anyone can help or guide that would be very much appreciated.

NOTE - It's note like the processes are not monitored otherwise Dynatrace would have shown the warning. The process group is showing all 3 process groups but the service is only showing attached to one process which is weird.


Are you 100% those other pods are actually serving traffic from other source (logs for example)?

I guess all pods are under the same network so there shouln't be issues in this sense.

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