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Dynatrace Operator Helm Chart Env Variables

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I have been using terraform helm_release to deploy the dynatrace operator for quite a while with no issues.  I am now trying to add env vars to the oneagent pod but am getting an error about using a string when I try to apply vars.  Below is the code and error.  This is version 0.4.2.  Also, for reference I had no problem passing in:

  set {
    name  = "classicFullStack.args"
    value = "{--set-host-group=${local.eks_cluster_name}}"



Problem code in question: (I have tried this with just "", [""], without ""

  set {
    name  = "classicFullStack.env"
    value = "{DT_DEBUGFLAGS=debugExtensionDSstatsdacceptremotestatsdtraffic=true}"
failed: "dynakube" is invalid: spec.oneAgent.classicFullStack.env: Invalid value: "string": spec.oneAgent.classicFullStack.env in body must be of type array: "string"

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Using custom resource to set args could help, something like below.


args: - "--set-host-group="

Try refreing helm installation and below link.

Set up Kubernetes monitoring | Dynatrace Docs