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Getting error while setting up OneAgent in a docker container


Hi, I'm new to docker and Dynatrace and doing a PoC for my organization. I've followed the documentation and ram below command to run OneAgent in a container. However, getting error. Kindly help.

docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped --privileged=true --pid=host --net=host --ipc=host -v /:/mnt/root -e ONEAGENT_INSTALLER_SCRIPT_URL="https://**********" -e ONEAGENT_INSTALLER_DOWNLOAD_TOKEN="**********" dynatrace/oneagent --set-app-log-content-access=true


09:27:51 Download complete
09:27:52 Downloaded version:
09:27:52 Verifying agent installer signature
09:27:56 Verification successful
09:27:56 Deploying to: /mnt/host_root
09:27:56 Starting installer...
09:28:03 Checking root privileges...
09:28:03 OK
09:28:03 Installation started, version, build date: 26.05.2020, PID 30236.
09:28:03 Detected platform: LINUX arch: X86
09:28:03 Detected bitness: 64
09:28:03 Checking free space in /opt/dynatrace/oneagent
09:28:04 Extracting...
09:28:06 Unpacking. This may take a few minutes...
09:28:09 Error: XZ compressed archive is corrupted or memory allocation failed. Installation aborted.

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi there. Curious if you are running Docker for Mac? If so, I do see another, related thread, which could help you. The thread concludes that Dynatrace oneagent installation expects GNU coreuitils, which are not on Mac.


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