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Host groups arn't getting assinged to OpenShift nodes using Dynatrace Operator


Hi all,

I'm currently trying to assign a host group to my OpenShift nodes via the Dynatrace Operator,
to get the benefits of assigning different settings to them then other systems in my environment.

Currently, there is no host group assigned to the hosts but the OneAgent is already running on them.
They are running in ClassicFullStack.

As I'm still on version 0.15 of the operator I'm using the args option in the dynakube YAML and what I can see in the logs of the PODs the parameter is passed down to the installer but the groups doesn't show up in the UI.

The agent version I'm using is

Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Are you using apponly, native or classic?

Hi PacoPorro,

Sorry, forgot that one. Currently ClassicFullStack and planing in May or June to migrate to CloudNative


For everyone who as similar problem: Don’t use double quotes to enclose the value.

My first try was something like this out of habit:

As soon as I removed them, it worked fine.

To verify if the installer has set the host group, you can create a Dynatrace OneAgent Diagnostig bundle and look in the */logs/installer/installation_*.log file.

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