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K8S monitoring and Azure monitoring at the same time

If customer is using AKS of Azure, can K8S monitoring and Azure monitoring be both configured? or only one of them can be configure?

(Also, we can configure both Azure-Integration and K8S-Integration in the one and same ActiveGate right?)

Lastly, what would be the implication on DDU consumption?


Best Regards,

Wai Keat


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@waikeat_chan We have a similar set up and yes we have the Azure connection established where you can see the Azure subscriptions and metric data about the service bus, redis metrics and so on. All while also having the K8 connection API metric data and the oneagent deployed out via the Oneagent Operator. 

technically you could use the same AG to handle this, or you can break them out as one K8 and one Azure. I'd recommend to break them out as to not keep all your apples in one basket. 

The new methodology for K8 monitoring also spins up a POD that runs the AG service, so you get a new AG without needing a dedicated box/VM etc... 


As it related to the consumption, I would recommend reaching out to your Dynatrace Rep as each organization will have a different contract. 


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