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Kubernetes and RUM


Is there a way to link a frontend web application configured in RUM to a Kubernetes pod?  It appears there are no options in the pod itself as it is on a host entity.  Pods/workloads do not have the option.  

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No, it must be a deep monitored process with OneAgent. If the questions stands for show me the pods in which the traffic from my app ends, then I believe this is doable by querying on entities with the relation filtering.

You should query process group instances (they have the KUBERNETES_FULL_POD_NAME key in the METADATA property) which contain services which are called from the application. Something like this - but keep in mind it must be direct called from the application:




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Regarding this, it's not clear to me if OneAgent on Kubernetes in any classicFullStack, hostMonitoring, applicationMonitoring or cloudNativeFullStack mode automatically injects RUM JavaScript into HTML pages inside web servers running in pods or if we need to use the manual injection approach?

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@DanielS process must be deep monitored and there must be a supported technology of course.
So classicFullStack, applicationMonitoring and cloudNativeFullStack will work and will inject RUM JS (if other conditions are satisfied). With hostMonitoring - as it says - it's just monitoring of host (node) metrics in K8S and it does not do any deep monitoring and RUM will not be injected.

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hostMonitoring deployment doesn't inject into application pods. On the other hand, it depends on the architecture if you need manual injection.

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