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Kubernetes injection was not configured for this process

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion


Anybody know what Dt means by below message?

It is a ngnix process.




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello @henk_stobbe Could you please check if you have something of the type DO NOT MONITOR configured here:


regarding NGINX pods?

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DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hallo Daniel,

Thanks for your reply, to be honest I did not check. But I am lucky (-;



Again thank you!

Hi @henk_stobbe 

I confirm you that Container Monitoring Rules disable processes injection as Daniel says. We've configured some rules here and it's disabled the deep monitoring in the processes running in the namespaces that match with the rules.


But in our case, Kubernetes is on cloudNativeFullStack and it shouldn´t apply the rules:


But it's doing it!

We changed the deployment mode from classicfullstack to cloudnativefullstack.

Maybe this is reason for which the rules continue applying. Does anyone know if this may be the reason?



Daniel Elena,

Both, thank you for your great tips, but there was one (and wrong) namespace defined in the dynakube.yaml.

My apologies,but still great hints, thanks!

KR Henk 

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

I'm facing the same issue...

We did a fresh installation, with Cloud Native Full Stack, and nearly every application process shows this message: so, no services monitored 😞

We did not have any rule on the environment nor any annotation/label on any Kubernetes entity.

Does anyone know what might be the cause of this and what should we do to ensure that every application pod has deep monitoring??



Best regards, Pedro Deodato

Have you validated the deployment? If possible, could you please share the results of the following commands?

kubectl get dynakube -n dynatrace
kubectl get pods -n dynatrace

are you able to see the dynatrace-oneagent-csi-driver?

Please note that both the OneAgent and the CSI driver are deployed as DaemonSets. Therefore, you should have a OneAgent and a CSI driver pod running on each node.

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Any suggestion/recommendation on "Deep monitoring is not active". We are seeing this for all .net/Java/ngix



We installed using cloud native full stack monitoring steps and all Dynatrace pods are running but seeing following message. 





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