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Kubernetes monitoring activegate configuration


Hi right now when deploy agent using operator. document here 


this will create new activegate for k8s and use it.


but I want to use existing active gate where and how I should config.


currently I try change custom resource on apiurl but it didn't work




DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hi @thitiphans,


As far as I know you have two options.


1. Use the containerized active gate (one or more - scale up in the dynakube resouce yaml)

2. Use the existing active gates by comment out the active gate in the  dynakube resource yaml


I guess you can't use together. ☹️


Br, Mizső

Dynatrace Community RockStar 2024, Certified Dynatrace Professional

Thank you for your reply. 

What I planned to do is use only existing activegate.


You mention that need to comment out dynakube yml file is it "routing" line?


Currently there is active gate which on public subnet but I want to monitor k8s which in private subnet can't connect to public internet. 

If you have the activegate section in the cr.yaml but don't wan't an AG deployed just delete or comment out the entire section.  


If you have an external AG that the agents can reach they will use it for routing automatically.


For the k8s API integration with an non operator AG follow this:


You can also use the operator AG just for traffic routing and not the API integration. In that case leave the activegate section in the CR but make sure the annotation mentioned here is not set: 

You can also remove the  - kubernetes-monitoring capability.

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