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Merging the unique docker container services running on the same host


Hello All,

I have situation where my application is running as a docker container. There are 3 containers running from the same image due to which the process name is same and the service name is also same. All these 3 containers running on the same host. Due to which dynatrace is detecting this services as 3 different services with same name.

leterally i have the sercie listed out under transactions and services as shown below.

abcservice - process1

abcservice - process1

abcservice - process 1

xyzservice - process 1

xyzservice - process 1

xyzservice - process 1

abcservice is from one image and the xyzservice is from another image however the process type is same. However I can regroup these 2 sets into 2 different process groups. however I want to merge these 3 services as 1 as all are doing same fucntions , with same technology etc. I see this option of merging is there if these services are running on 2 different hosts. But I want to know if there is any option to merge these services which are running on the same host.

Thanks and Regards





Hi Srinivas,

As long as these services are running on processes that are not in the same Process group, I do not believe it is possible to merge them. See more on the criteria for merging services here



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