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Monitoring Redis on Kubernetes with Application only dynatrace operator and Openam CTS & Python app

Hello folks,

We have tried injecting application only operator to monitor Redis on our Kubernetes cluster and we were unsuccessful. 

Can anybody help us to understand , what is the reason behind app only monitoring method is not able to inject code modules into Redis?


also we  have a similar issue with Openam CTS product and application with Python technology too?


We are able to successfully inject for other products we have currently 


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Neither Redis and python are b default monitored in fullstack mode. Redis can be monitored only from application endpoint and in infrastructure mode (you can use redis plugin as well). For python you need to use SDK or autoinstrumentation wrapper. 



Regards, Sebastian

Hi, I see that we can deploy the plugin just on linux hosts? won't it work over windows hosts??


If I cannot use it on Windows, Can I modifiy that extensión? how is the process of doing it? 


I appreciate your help.


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