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New container needs restart contained process to enable oneagent monitoring

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion



It seems that a new (Docker) container within a cluster needs a restart to enable oneAgent to inject.



(it is dynamically linked (-; so no worries there) 


An explanation is that the Go process is started before the OneAgent.


Does anybody have a remedy for this?


In my situation the OneAgent is installed on the OS,


KR Henk









DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This is just a node exporter for Prometheus. Do you really need to instrument it? 

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

Hi Julius,


Short answer is no, on most instances this is turned off (-; but I am puzzled about the why,, I was assuming that processes within new containers will be automatically monitored, when the Agent is installed. But in this scenario it looks like the exporter is started before the agent initialization?


Thanks for your reply,


KR Henk 


KR Henk

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