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Node.js application on IBM Cloud not being monitored (using npm @dynatrace/oneagent)



I have been trying to deploy Dynatrace using the PaaS integration on my Node.js app that's running on the IBM Cloud, and more specifically, on IBM's node.js buildpack. I found this guide and have been following it.

The current IBM buildpack does not have the Dynatrace hook built into it like the cloud-foundry community buildpack does, so I am also following the instructions marked down under the "What if I cannot use the buildpack approach for monitoring Node.js applications?" tab.

After following the instructions and go to push the app, I can see that the dynatrace/oneagent dependency is pushed, but for some reason the app doesn't show up on my dashboard.

However, when I set up the agentless monitoring for the same application, and manually inject the script provided, the app does show up on the dashboard with updates about user interaction. Although this approach could work, it will take a lot of effort to manually inject all webpages, so its really not ideal. I am also trying to run this on the IBM buildpack and do not want to switch.

Is this an issue with the user provided service, not injecting properly? Is there any way I can get this set up this way?


John Schubert


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi John,

for IBM Cloud / IBM Cloud Foundry we currently only support the IBM WebSphere Liberty buildpack. I assume you are using a different buildpack, correct?


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