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OpenShift: possible or not to monitor only one container?

Hello community!

Customer is using OpenShift with other departments. We have container to monitoring. It is autorization.

We already have agent on autorization servers, but some external application work doing in small container. We need this data from small java application. Other departments are using >500 containers on >5 nodes. So we need to monitor only one container. Sometimes it moves from node to node.

As i know, we can monitor OpenShift only with Dynatrace OpenShift Operator.

How we can monitor only one contatiner in OpenShift?

I will be happy with any advice, thank you.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Alekasnder, you can deploy OneAgent on OpenShift for application-only monitoring

Hello Janusz, Thank you for fast answer. Please, confirm:

if we do these: Integrate at container build time and Integrate at container run time we will have container with our agent, and others containers for other department will be same?



Sure you don't deploy operator so other containers are not affected

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