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PVCs not showing for kubernetes cluster?


I've confirmed the clusterrole dynatrace-kubernetes-monitoring has the appropriate permissions as outlined in the doc below, plus we are on ActiveGate version 1.283.20 but I cannot see PVCs in our cluster. I've also went to the cluster settings in dynatrace, confirmed the 'Monitor persistent volume claims' is enabled. Also clicking on the 'Test monitoring features' button results in 'Successfully connected to the Kubernetes API'. Anything else I can look at to determine why we are not seeing PVC metrics for our cluster? I've ran a kubectl command on a cluster node and have confirmed there are PVCs that exist.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Are you using an containerized ActiveGate connected to a local Kubernetes API endpoint?
This feature is available only if your Kubernetes cluster is 
connected to a local Kubernetes API endpoint.

Yes I am. I missed that piece of info in my post, good catch.


Passing along an update for any that may run into this same thing. I'm working with support on this via ticket 308755. We have some of our K8 cluster nodes managed by Diamanti. Turns out the metrics endpoint is not exposing the kubelet_volume_stats metrics. Running something like the below returns nothing whereas it does return results for our EKS clusters. I'm working with Diamanti to see how we can get those metrics exposed.

kubectl get --raw /api/v1/nodes/{NODE_NAME}/proxy/metrics | grep kubelet_volume_stats

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