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Process On Docker Always Unmonitred Status After Shutdown and Start Server




I monitor node.js and Nginx applications on docker, for monitoring I install oneagent on the docker server. after that the process appears with an unmonitored status. I restarted the container containing node.js and Nginx. then the process has been successfully monitored by Dynatrace.


in the environment that I monitor there is a schedule to shutdown and start the server every day (shutdown at 8PM and Start 8AM). When the server starts, why are the node.js and Nginx processes always unmonitored status and need to restart the process again the container containing node.js & Nginx?


Note: When starting the server, service oneagent, docker and container automatic start.


Any suggestion ?




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Is the instance being rebuilt each time as if it were a new install when it restarts? or is this just a plain old restart and its acting like this? 


not rebuilt, just shut down the server at 8pm then start the server at 8am. does restarting the container again after automatic running on docker and the container is the nature of the process in docker?

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