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Question regarding a Metric Event

Hey Dynatrace Community!

I want to consult with you, regarding a "Metric event" I created.

The purpose: to create an alert, that will be triggered when in our Kubernetes cluster, there are Pods in status pending.

The logic is below:




If you take a look on the image you will see that it seems that the conditions were true for a few occasions, and still no alert was created.

Could you please assist me in understanding if I missed something here?
Thank you! 




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @YuvalKonstanti you can also setup event filters for your pods events.




The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing.

Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi @YuvalKonstanti are you aware of the K8s alerts already included in Dynatrace? Please read more here:
Starting with version 1.254, there's also an alert for pending pods.

One does not simply run a container...



I believe that you are correct! I do see Dynatrace default problems on this exact issue.

It is still unknown to me, why my custom alert didn't triggered a problem (even though it detect an issue). But for this purpose, I believe Dynatrace does it by default.

Thank you!

Regarding your original question - skimming over your screenshots I have some ideas:

  1. did you try to use 0 as threshold? it says "above", so I would assume it's a > and not a >=. Meaning a threshold of 1, would only trigger if you count more than 1.
  2. Which metric event type did you use? I think not all of them create a problem - some only create an event.
  3. Did you allow merging? If yes, maybe your problem got merged with the default problem that Dynatrace created (pending pod alert) and did not create a separate problem? You should see this in the problem card.
One does not simply run a container...


1. So firstly, threshold was 5 and I assumed that it is related. I'm guessing that you proposal is correct.

2. That's really interesting! I used "builtin:cloud.kubernetes.workload.pods". How can I know which one is creating an alert and which one isn't? 

3. Merging is the option that allow Dynatrace to create "Multiple service problems", isn't it?


Thank you for the answer!

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