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Rationale/Reason of Not Able to Start Active Gate if License Expired?

Of course nobody would has problem of no monitoring data if license expired.

But why would license expired forbid the active gate to be started?

Story: Right now I have a client that wish to verify firewall rules has been allowed and connectivity between Pods and Active Gate is indeed no issue there. But since active gate service can't be started, there is no way for them to telnet 9999 or use whatever necessary mechanism to verify connectivity.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

If you cannot start the ActiveGate, you can use netcat to test the firewall rules.

It works great for testing both sides of a client/server to verify if the firewall is open or closed for a given host/port.

Here are some rough notes of mine on it:

netcat -l 4444 # run a server

netcat <ip> <port> # test the connectivity

If the connection works, the "client" will "hang" and if not it will just return with no message

If you want, you can even type a message on each side to see if it gets echo'ed on the other side



Thanks Dave, guess I should read more about netcat command in Google.

If it is available on the hosts or you can install it, it is definitely worth learning about for checking firewalls in advance of an install...

I found this link very helpful:




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