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Store Dynatrace Image in Private Registry




Hi, I am trying to setup Dynatrace Openshift monitoring, checking on the prerequisites, I need to login to Dynatrace container registry. 


May I know where should I login on? From my private repo?

Comparing to previous deployment, around 0.2.1, this is a new step and I don't get what is the purpose of this log in. Can someone explain on it?







you need to login simply to your tenant url or activegate it depends on your use case


The user is simply the envId


Best regards

Hi, I understand that I need to login with the url. But I'm kind of confuse where should I issue this command. Is in my Active Gate or in private repository?

From a host that has access to your private registry so you can upload it into your private registry then.

But why do you need to download it? It is not a pre-requisite, you have to do this if you don't have access to the internet from your openshift environment, is your cluster completley isolated from the internet? you need connectivity to * and to the redhat registry to install the operator and everything

Yes. Due to security concern, our environment is totally isolated from Internet. We are storing image in Private repository and use Bastion Server to pull the image to respective node. Therefore, we are unsure whether to run this login in Repo or Bastion. 
Based on your explanation, we conclude that we should login from private repository.

Yeah in that case the host that you connect to needs to be able to connect to you internal registry that you will be pulling the image from.

The flow is something like:

dtRegistry -> host -> internalRegistry

So the host needs to see both the public dynatrace url or activegate and your internal registry

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