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Unable to get the services running in docker container using oneAgent installed on Host hosting the container


I have an Dockerized application deployed using Docker Swarm. I have installed the OneAgent on the hosts hosting my containers bith using Linux OneAgent Installation and I can see that my SAAS shows the Hosts containing dockers and also shows what process and docker containers are running. But it doesnt show the services running in the containers and doesnt identify the application that forms these hosts talking to each other.

After i deployed the one agent, i have restarted the docker containers on each of the hosts and there is a script generating traffic between them.

How do set it up such that DynaTrace identifies the application running on these hosts and the services running within the containers?



Hi @divya s.

Have you checked that your deployment meets all the requirements for container instrumentation? Please check the following help page for the details: and let us know if it helped.

CC: @Tomasz G. and @Lukasz W.

Principal Product Manager @ Dynatrace


Hi Bartoz,

I read the article that you mention (

If I not misunderstood Windows 10 also supported but containers must bu windows servers.

I mean win10 docker linux containers is not supported meantime?


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