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angular/nginx services not connected to back end microservices



i am facing an issue with our current web based application. 

in our multi-tier distributed system we have a front end single page application running on a angular framework. 

we have several spa's running as containers and backend nodejs services are communicated through a api gateway.

right now on smartscape the frontend services detected are not connecting to our backen services. this is also reflected in the RUM waterfall analysis and service flow.

please see screenshot below:




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Have a look at the Firewall constraints for RUM in the documentation.


If you have data on both sides (RUM and backend) but they are not linked, it's most likely that the headers used for linking them together are stripped somewhere.


Another issue could be if you have a Netty as the first instrumented entrypoint, as it currently doesn't support RUM .

Dynatrace Certified Master - Dynatrace Partner -

OK thanks. 

I'll try and find where the headers are stripped. Am I right to assume that Dynatrace will only inject headers into processes that it can instrument only? 

@oliverb_pickles I have seen the purepath stitching issue where a new cookie is set for each XHR request in the customers browser (at least i think this was what was causing the issue)

I found this article to be helpful when my dev's didn't want to fix it properly 🙂


On the smartscape the frontend services detected are not connecting to our backend services part. Are you talking about the Dynatrace "Application" as created by the Javascript injection in the browser? These don't connect to anything by design. If you are talking about the Dynatrace "Service" its probably the cookie or header propagation issue mentioned.

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