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Correlate two results



I need to relate two events.

I have logs of two events:
1. Errors in my store cart (contains customer ID)
2. Checkout in my cart (contains customer ID)

I need two views:
1. Customers who completed their purchase but had errors in their cart
2. Customers who had an error but did not complete the purchase.

I thought of two methods:

Create a log extraction metric for each action (cart error and checkout), using the customer ID as a dimension. But I don't know how I can relate it in the data explorer to get the visualization I need.

The second method would be to create a single metric that stores both logs (cart error and checkout), using the customer ID as a dimension. But I also don't know how I can relate in data explorer.


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

If you're on SaaS, try doing it using DQL instead straight into the new dashboards. This might be helpful:

Using a join or lookup, you should be able to merge those two into one record, something like this:

fetch logs
| filter isNotNull(
| lookup, lookupField:id, prefix:"host.", [ fetch | fields id, os = osType ]
| limit 10

Here's additional documentation on GRAIL on the latest Dashboards:

Eric Yu

This works well, but one of the problems is that we need to store this data in metrics.

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