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DQL DavisAI forecasting tile does not refresh with variable filters

We have created a DQL tile, which shows the disk usage per disk and host, also using DavisAI for forecasting.

Because we want the tile to be dynamic,we have also added 2 variables for Tags (e.g. only showing all the hosts/disks of one team) and the Threshold above which a host should be displayed (e.g. diskusage>70,80,90,...). Now, when I for example change the threshold and only want to see the hosts with diskusage > 80 instead of diskusage > 70 by using my filters, the analysis does not run again. The tile refreshes, but does not change.





Instead, I will have to edit the DQL tile and manually click on Run analysis for the variable to be applied.


If I select auto refresh of the dashboard every 1 minute, it also refreshes the tile but it also does not run the analysis again.

There must be a way to run the analysis again, when a filter/variable was selected, right? What am I overlooking?

A Dynatrace Professional nerd working for Conclusion Xforce

I received the following reply from the DT support:

"This issue is already fixed with 1.290.2 version of the Dashboards app. It should be released potentially next week or even later this week if there are no blockers found. After the fix changing the variable value dynamically refreshes the analyzer tile to display filtered information."

A Dynatrace Professional nerd working for Conclusion Xforce

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