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DQL Entity Label

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast
Hi team, I've created a couple posts on #help-dashboards-app and #help-dql but haven't received a response besides a recommendation to post my question here. My customer is currently trying to add a grail query to a dashboard for some information on lambda functions. The query being used is:
timeseries series=avg(,by:{aws.region,functionname,}
| filter == "385888483640"
| filter functionname == "eca-permission-translation-service-v2-prod-main" or functionname == "eca-permission-translation-service-v2-prod-userProfile"
and the output is as seen below. In the output chart, the label for the function includes aws.region, functionname, and Is there a way to make this just the funcitonname value? For example, 'eca-permission-translation-service-v2-prod-main' instead of 'us-east-1•eca-permission-translation-service-v2-prod-main•385888483640•series'.

Lambda function query 2.jpg

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi @TylerBrush 

There are different ways of achieving this, but I guess the easiest would be this



timeseries series=avg(,filter:{ == "385888483640" and (functionname == "eca-permission-translation-service-v2-prod-main" or functionname == "eca-permission-translation-service-v2-prod-userProfile")





Hi Sinisa,

This query groups the two functions together under one label "series"
Lambda function query 3.jpg

My assumption is that you can't change this without changing the 'by:{...}' values?

I have forgotten to add the function name in the group by, so just add it there and let me know if this is what you are looking for.

This works great, thank you!

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