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DQL Finding Workflow Executions

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Hey All,
I'm trying to grab the names or URLs of all the workflows that ran today from 'dt.system.query_executions'. The trouble is, the data in 'client.source' doesn't have what I need - like the workflow_id. So, I'm struggling to connect the dots between the query_id and the Workflow_id.

Any ideas on how I can bridge that gap? It'd help me track down the user who's been using the most DDU  and see which Workflow they've been running.

Here's the query I'm using:

fetch dt.system.query_executions, from: now()-1d
| filter status == "SUCCEEDED"
| fieldsAdd tb = toDouble(scanned_bytes) / 1099511627776
| fieldsAdd formatted_date = formatTimestamp(timestamp, format:"MM-dd-YYYY")
| filter client.application_context == "dynatrace.automations"

Thanks for any tips you can give!


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion
fetch, from:bin(now(), 1d)
| filter event.kind == "BILLING_USAGE_EVENT" AND event.type == "Automation Workflow"
| summarize count = count(), by:{workflow.title}

Thanks for Your reply but in the query you provided 
there isn’t how many scanned_bytes the workflow used 
and there isn't query_id
so I can't get how many scanned_bytes the workflow used
and who created the workflow

I'm trying to find the link between both tables but unfortunately, I can't see anything matching both

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