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DQL Regex


Hey folks! 

DQL is amazing. It works very well when the logs is in a json format. However, I have a case where the application log is in a complete wild format.

[critical] consumer.go:117 [!dt dt.trace_id=xxxxx,dt.span_id=xxxx][request_id=xxxx][session_id=][user_id=xxxxxxx]Queue: xxxxxxxx~~~Message type: createQuoteSummaryTask~~~~~~Error:~~~Code: Some Error here ~~~Message: ~~~Stack:~~~goroutine 315080

I know the format is a huge problem, however, I would like to extract a very specific piece of this log using Regex. 

Is this possible? I tried to insert a new DPL pattern but I couldn't understand very well if it would be possible just run a simple regex.

What I want to do is run the following regex along with the parser command: `Error:(.*?)Message:`.

Is this possible? 


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