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DQL 'entities isn't a valid data object' when trying to fetch entities


When I run some like the first DQL below it works fine. In the result one field is the query string which notes the 2nd DQL. However, entities does not seem to exist as I get a ''entities isn't a valid data object' connected to the entities keyword and am not able to run the query. Any plan to fix this? I'm assuming this 2nd DQL is supposed to show you all container groups.

My main concern with bringing this up is there something that should be updated here so the results don't state 'fetch entities' if entities doesn't seem to exist? I'm not so much concerned with a work around to get the information.

fetch dt.system.data_objects
| filter name == "dt.entity.container_group"

fetch entities | filter entity.type == "dt.entity.container_group"


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DynaMight Leader

Hi @sivart_89,

Would you like to list of your container groups?


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So does the query string that is noted need to be updated then? My question is more around why is all, if not a bunch of the results of something like 'fetch dt.system.data_objects' show the query string to be something like fetch entities | filter entity.type == "<name>".

So not so much how do I get container groups but why is there mention of 'fetch entities' in the DQL if entities is invalid.


You can use string functions:

fetch dt.system.data_objects
| filter matchesValue(name, "dt.entity.process_group")

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Thank you. I have updated my original post as it was a little misleading before. I am not so much worried about how to get the data but rather why is 'fetch entities' noted for the query string if entities doesn't seem to exist and be valid DQL.

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