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Get http request errors through dql


I'm studying a little about Notebooks, SRG and Workflow. I'm using EasyTravel as a test.

I would like to know if it is possible to extract the number of errors 400 and errors 500. And if it is possible to have information on how many of these errors were at checkout.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey WellPP,

Maybe someone else has a solution but I cannot find one at the moment with DQL. Metrics on Grail is not quite GA so there are a lot of missing metrics. For a full list of available ones, you can find that here: Built-in metrics on Grail | Dynatrace Docs

Using the classic metric selector, to do what you're looking for I'd make the request associated with checking out a key request which would allow you to graph the errors using the following metric keys.

  • builtin:service.keyRequest.errors.fourxx.count
  • builtin:service.keyRequest.errors.fourxx.rate
  • builtin:service.keyRequest.errors.fivexx.count
  • builtin:service.keyRequest.errors.fivexx.rate

Also regarding SRG, it supports SLOs which support the classic metric selector.

Hope this helps!

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