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How to compare outputs of two DQL?

Frequent Guest

We have two DQL and want to compare both the outputs in single format. Unable to find suitable option.
Please do suggest.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi @amita 

Thanks for reaching out. Can you please add some more details to your use case?
What data are you querying? How do you want to compare it? What would be a suitable representation for you etc.

Thanks, Philipp

Frequent Guest

Thanks for responding,
Basically I want to compare metric for different timeframe.

I am fetching data from bizevent(fetch bizevent),currently I am able to

get data for specific single timeframe .
Now I need a tabular output where same metric can be monitored for two release(timeframe).

I also tried creating two seperate DQL for each timeframe, but didnt find way to merge those two column in single table
Here is some highlevel Expected output

Application_metric_nameRelease1(2nd may)Release2(6th June)

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

@amita thanks for the details.
One way you likely already figured out is putting two separate queries next to each on a dashboard, for example, via a single-value tile.  


If you need to merge the result, you could leverage the lookup command as a workaround. 
Example query:

fetch bizevents, from:now()-7d
| summarize this_week = avg(toDouble(amount))
| fieldsAdd helper="test"
| lookup [ fetch  bizevents, from:now()-14d, to:-7d
           | summarize previous_week = avg(toDouble(amount)) 
           | fieldsAdd  helper="test"]
         , sourceField:helper, lookupField:helper
| fieldsRemove helper, lookup.helper
| fieldsRename lookup.previous_week, alias:previous_week


Kind regards, Philipp

Hey, Philipp

Thanks for quick response,

It worked for me. I am able to fetch metric for two different timeframe.




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