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Variable: display only part of the value


I have a variable defined as such:


fetch `dt.entity.cloudsqs`
| fields tags
| expand tags
| filter contains(tags, "[AWS]environment")
| sort tags asc
| summarize environments = collectDistinct(tags)


which is practical because later on, when the variable is used, I can use the value as-is without transformations

However, this display values as "[AWS]environment:prod", which I find to be quite bad UX
With a query like:


| fields tags
| expand tags
| filter contains(tags, "[AWS]environment")
| parse tags, """LD ':' LD:value"""
| fieldsRemove tags
| sort value asc
| summarize environments = collectDistinct(value)


 I can get only my values, but the variable is hard to use as it is not the complete tag

Is there a way to display only the value and get the tag? Or a good way to transform from one to the other later on (while using multi-select)?


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

You can parse out complete information from tag string. Here is just a bit more complex query getting all parts of tag:

| fields tags
| expand tags
| parse tags, """(('[' , LD:tag.context , ']' , ) | ':' LD:tag.value"""
| summarize { tag.values=collectDistinct( tag.value ) }, by: { tag.context, }
| fieldsAdd tag.values.size = arraySize(tag.values)

summarizing all possible contexts (even if not present) and tag names. Result looks like this:






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