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is it possible to evaluate service response time using DQL query


Hi ,
I am working on  SRG . Creating one guardian having objectives at application level like ,

1. Application / Service  Response time 

2.Service Success Rate %

Also looking for container level metrics, Does Dynatrace grail support  below metrics 
1. Containers: CPU usage, % of limit
2.Containers: Memory - out of memory kills
3. Containers: Memory usage, % of limit

Please help m eon this.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You can create objectives based on DQL and/or SLOs.

In your case, the better fit will be create with SLOs. You first create the SLO for the levels you need, then use them as objectives in SRG.

Service/Application metrics are not yet in Grail, so not able to DQL them.

Kubernetes metrics are also not there, but at least, we have an ETA:

Planned for January 2024: New Kubernetes metrics will be available to DPS-enabled customers with the launch of the new Kubernetes app. The new metrics are subject to a new licensing model, as distinct from the current full-stack host units model.

Also, for K8S, check if the templates does fit your needs meanwhile:

Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl

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