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ActiveGate modules monitoring in environment

Frequent Guest

Hi Team,

We have below modules enabled in Dynatrace, how can we check below services are being monitored by our environment? 

Example: AWS - We can confirm by checking services running under AWS but not sure about other services.  


Kind Regards



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

So those modules might be enabled but could very well be unused. you would have to check those segments to see if its connected in Dynatrace. For example, the cloud providers Azure and AWS, you need to look and see if you have set up a connection within the Dynatrace UI for them. Same with VMware and log monitoring. Unfortunately there isn't a chart available to target the metrics of the modules on any given AG. But that would be a great RFE. 

The only thing that could get you close would be to make a set of data explorer charts targeting values that would be produced by the module being used: 




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