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Adding a DQL filter


I have JVM dashboard and I want to get rid of an extra GC process that shows in the dashboard, 

I've created a filter using the DQL but I get a warning



Does anyone know what this is?
"dimension Key has been referenced, but the metric has no such key


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

I think you're confusing terms here, what you're using in your screenshot is a metric selector, which doesn't use DQL. Inside that metric selector, you're using a filter which follows the syntax <dimension, value> where dimension is the metric dimension to filter by and value if the value used to filter that dimension. The value seems to look fine, as it's an entity selector that selects some specific process group instances. However, the dimension is wrong as the metric builtin:tech.jvm.memory.gc.suspensionTime does not have a dimension with value builtin:tech.jvm.memory.gc.suspensionTime. Instead, your filter should look like: filter(and(or(in("dt.entity.process_group_instance",<value>), since dt.entity.process_group_instance is an actual dimension of the metric.

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