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Calculating Processing Time Percentiles for a Custom Service Metric



I have the following criteria that I am looking to visualize in a dashboard:


Metric: builtin:service.totalProcessingTime

Aggregation(s): Percentile (50, 75, 90, 95, 99)

Split by Dimension: {RequestAttribute:flow}


Idea being that I have a number of requests hitting my service that differ by the value of the request attribute 'flow'. One request might have 'flow = foo' and another request might have 'flow = bar'. I want to know, for example:


"For requests hitting my service that have a 'flow' request attribute value of 'foo', what is the 99th percentile of processing time for those requests?"


Given the "builtin:service.totalProcessingTime" metric does not allow me to split/filter the data by the value of a request attribute, I was instructed in another thread to create a calculated service metric (which could be split by the {RequestAttribute:flow} dimension).


I can do this, however the percentile aggregation is not supported by calculated service metrics.




I am brainstorming some ideas as to what other aggregations I could use (to then be filtered further in Data Explorer), but not getting any great ideas.


Is what I'm asking for possible?



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion