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Calculating processing time percentiles for a custom service metric



I have the following criteria that I am looking to visualize in a dashboard:


Metric: builtin:service.totalProcessingTime

Aggregation(s): Percentile (50, 75, 90, 95, 99)

Split by Dimension: {RequestAttribute:flow}


Idea being that I have a number of requests hitting my service that differ by the value of the request attribute 'flow'. One request might have 'flow = foo' and another request might have 'flow = bar'. I want to know, for example:


"For requests hitting my service that have a 'flow' request attribute value of 'foo', what is the 99th percentile of processing time for those requests?"


Given the "builtin:service.totalProcessingTime" metric does not allow me to split/filter the data by the value of a request attribute, I was instructed in another thread to create a calculated service metric (which could be split by the {RequestAttribute:flow} dimension).


I can do this, however the percentile aggregation is not supported by calculated service metrics.




I am brainstorming some ideas as to what other aggregations I could use (to then be filtered further in Data Explorer), but not getting any great ideas.


Is what I'm asking for possible?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader



1. yes, calc metrics would be the way to go to filter by request attribute. 

2. yes, you're also right with calc. metrics not to support percentiles, sadly

3. I am, however, not an expert in the realm of services, and I would not know of any workaround to this 


Maybe @tom_rothschaedl @balint_kelen can chime in here? 

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