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Can I chart total transaction time as seen in the waterfall view?


We have a few services that are mainly just passing messages back and forth asynchronously.

When looking at the response time charts for the involved services they all only show the amount of time that a particular services is taking to process the message.
However in the waterfall view of the transactions we can see the total time for the message to flow through all queues (including time it takes for it to be picked up of the queue).

Per the below example all the current metrics will only display what is circled in RED.
We would instead like to chart the time that is circled in black.


Many thanks.



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

So the red circle is the total time for that request. The request didn't go past 1 second so your chart will not go up to 9 Seconds as circled in black. Do you want to chart just one of those calls or all of those calls collectively?


I would like to chart the total time of the purepath which is displayed at the top as ~9 seconds and includes numerous mesages being put onto and then read from queues.
The request time you mention is just the timinng of the first message being processed.

I found this RFE, which seems to suggest its not yet possible:

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