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Can you apply tags on Dashboards?


I am trying to create dashboards showing our PCF systems, and I created TAGS so I can see the specific devices using tags in the host list, but I wanted to add the infrastructure tile to a dashboard and only have it show the PCF devices with that tag.




Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hey @Brian C. I'm assuming you have a set of tags named something similar to 'PCF-Device Name"? You can create a custom chart per tag or for a set of tags. If you create a custom chart, chose the infrastructure metric you want to chart, and in the 'Filtered by' section, specify the device tag(s). Then pin it to your dashboard.

@Kayan H.thanks for the help. That worked. I figured there was a way and I was just to new with the tool.


Hi @Brian C. to follow up on Kayan's question a bit, dashboard filtering by tags is in the works. You will soon be able to add a tag as a filter onto a dashboard. The tiles underneath will then update (if it is appropriate to that tile) and show information only on the entities within that tag.

This image shows that at the top, when editing a dashboard, you will see a 'manage filters' option:

The next screenshot shows the options for creating a name for the filter and selecting a tag to go with it for the entities to be filtered upon

I would be on the lookout for this in the coming months. A great way to be notified is by signing up to receive updates on the bottom of this page: I recommend signing up for blog posts and product news updates!

Hope this helps!


is this feature available now? I still dont see it ...

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


this is available now by using Management zones as the filter utility which is based on tags. Tag filters for dashboards was dropped and actually never released.

some more information here:



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