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Changing Time Zone in DT Portal

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


I have a customer who has a user base in both the East Coast as well as an offshore team in India. The India team is seeing all the time presented in their Managed portal in their time zone (IST) when it would be better for them to see it in Eastern. Is there any way they can set the portal to display data in a specific time zone rather than their local one? I didn't see a clear option in the portal to make this change.



Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hey @Andy L., to my knowledge there isn't a way to change the timezone within the UI. The timezone in the UI will always reflect the machine's timezone

Thanks Kay! That was what I suspected but I was hoping I missed something :).

@Kayan H.

We have similar issue , Our DT manage server and client application is in CST zone but we access the portal using IST zone . This is creating lot of confusion to define the Maintenance window . I see in API call we have option to define the timezone but it is not present console. Ideally if something is available in API call should be available in Console as well .

Looks like a nice product idea.

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Hi All,

Anyone know how to sort this issue. This is a big problem for operation teams due to different timezones. Has anyone created RFE for this


Hi All,

Dynatrace UI always takes timezone from the browser and the browser takes it from the operating system settings. To switch to the different timezone you can either change the OS timezone or use a browser extension that spoofs the current timezone provided by JavaScript to web pages.


Hi All,


We would like to set a maintenance window to constantly reoccur, but the issue for us is that the impacted datacentre is in South Africa, whilst we are in the UK. The issue with this is when we switch between GMT and BST we will need to adjust the maintenance window, which is far from ideal. What would be best if we could set the maintenance window to the time zone, is there any plans to introduce this feature? I'm sure we are not the only people with issue as this thread shows.


Many thanks 

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