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Concurrent running request for application to represent in dashboard


For any distribute trace request of a certain application, sometime the processing time is higher than response time. Suppose the start time of request is 7:00 and end time is 7:02 however the processing time is 20 mins, which means the entire request got completed at 7:22 or 7:20, if in between another request comes for the same application before 7:20 we want to show it in a dashboard the count of such requests.

If above is not possible then we want to know is there a way where we can represents count of requests based on request end time? That means if a requests start before previous requests end time so we want to show such count on Dashboard.

This will help app team to analyze the issue at their end.


Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

I believe you can have a custom time on dashboard tile but I don't think we have an option for auto resetting it based on request start/ end time.

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