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Create a dashboard with custom hosts


I want to create a dashboard based on a search query in host. e.g. I want to create a dashboard with all the servers naming 'cdms' (please find attached screenshot) As you can see there are 147 hosts available for cdms. I want to create a dashboard with all these serves.



Hello Anup,

Do you want to create a traffic light like dashboard ? if so follow the following method :

First you create a dashboard on a dashboard view.

Secondly, you tag all of your host under the tag "cdms".

Thirdly, you open the host dashboard and filter with "cdms" and hit the button "keep this filter". Then you click on "pin to dashboard" on the upper right on the screen and choose the dashboard you've created.

If you want each host with hist own host health but on the same dashboard, you will just have to tag them separately and pin each on the same dashboard.

Best Regards,

Fousseyni B.


@Bouare F.

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. I will try it and will create a new dashboard.

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