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Custom charts - deprecation ?


when we can expect the old-style custom charts deprecation ?

We have many dashboards in many customer managed instances where we are using custom charts. Thus we need to plan work for dashhoards update ...

BR, Josef





I don't think there is a published date yet since the two methods of making charts don't have a true overlap. For example, one feature is available in the older method and not in the new one ... maybe someone from Dynatrace can provide clarity on this. 



Hey, @josef_solnicky !

@AntonioSousa and I are compiling a list of features missing on Data Explorer, that are already available on Custom Charts... so, these are features that NEED to be provided on the Data Explorer, before Custom Charts get fully deprecated! Otherwise, some of our current dashboards just won't be reproducible... 😞

You can find it on:


The thread as evolved to be a more complete picture of this topic, not just missing features.

You can check the comments for the complete list, and please feel free to provide additional insights, if you have them!

There are also some comments about migrating from one offer to the other, as well as a statement saying that there is no published deprecation date yet!


We will continue to follow this topic, and share all the info we get on that thread!

Best regards, Pedro Deodato

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

@josef_solnicky There is currently no defined date for the execution on the deprecation.