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Custom dashboard and particular web requests without utilizing key requests

We are facing some of a challenge with Dynatrace since in some cases we would need to show particular web requests data on the same graph on custom dashboards.


Basically the key Requests are more or less out of question since these requests are starting from shared Webfront so we could hit the key request max limit per service quite quickly if everyone would start to utilize those on their calls. The other challenge is that basically these requests are having different request name/url based on which language version of our site the customer is using. 

So I would need to combine these different request as a one or at least would need to be able to show the data on the graph per language version.


So therefore if the key request are out of question I suppose that the calculated service metrics are the only way to go on this case if we want to show the data on custom dashboards. Or have anyone figured out anything better solutions on this kind of needs?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Yes if you need it on a custom dashboard this would be a use case for custom calculated service metrics.  Maybe together with a request attribute if you need a different splitting for the metric.

Dynatrace Certified Master - Dynatrace Partner -

Yep, the request attribute is out of question in this point since we don't have the  real-time updates enabled on this point since currently it seems that it has caused some problems on some of our services. And without it it's quite a hassle to define the request attributes since we would need to restart the whole front.

I need to admit that I'm having little struggle with the calculated service metric rule since I try to define rule which would include all of these different url's so I need to use the contains regex rule. But the rule should be on equals mode since it should only hit on these particular request.


But it should not hit on url's which are something like this. 


Seems that it's total back to drawing board experience in my case since If I utilize contains regex on the calculated service metric definition it seems that the MDA drilldown does not work since it picks that original Regex as a request filter even tho it does not support regex.

Other challenge is that we would need to define own calculated service metric for response time/request count and own metric for failed request count for each url's which does not sound so feasible solution either. This is quite a challenge for us since we have shared webfront service so that's why I'm trying to avoid the key requests, but the calculated service metric is more or less quite limited after all currently since can't create any combination rule that I wan't to calculate response time/request count and failure rate. 

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