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Dashboard URL that opens on a specific tile



I'm trying to use markdown to link between dashboard (dashboard classic).

Some of those dashboard have many tiles and are basically logically separated horizontal sections.

An example would be:

  • overall performance
  • Action 1 performance breakdown
  • Action 2 performance breakdown
  • Action N performance breakdown

This is useful to get all the information in a dashboard.

In another dashboard I have only an indicator of the performance of the single actions.

I would like to add links to the specific section of the breakdown dashboard not to the top.

I saw that in edit mode it is possible to force the opening of the dashboard on a specific tile  using the parameter tileIdList, as follows


The same parameter seems to not be present outside edit mode.
For the expected audience of the dashboard it would be better loading at the top rather than showing edit mode.

Is there any parameters in the url to link to a specific tile or is there any way to open a dashboard on a specific tile not in edit mode?


Thank you in advance,


Community Team
Community Team

Hello @pietro ,

Did you manage to find a way to generate the right URL, or do you still require our help? Let me know, and I'll see what I can do! 🙂 

Hello @IzabelaRokita,


I didn't find any way to generate the right URL.

It would be great if you could help me. 


Thank you!

Community Team
Community Team

Hello @pietro ,

This can be achieved by copying the url while a tile is edited (config panel on the right side is visible):






However, beware that the user has to either be the owner or already have accessed the dashboard at least once via a share link with edit permissions. This means that the browser urls in 3rd gen apps are not equal to share links (which always have the format .../document/v0/#share=<shareId>).



Hi @IzabelaRokita ,


thank you for the answer. That is great for new dashboards. 


I updated my question to reflect more clearly that my use case is on dashboard classic.


Anyway your solution suffers from the same issue I have with dashboard classic. 
It shares a dashboard with focus on a certain tile, but it shares it is edit mode. 


The requirement is using those url for navigation between dashboard by non-technical business owners who shouldn't have edit permissions.


Thus, edit mode urls are not a solution for neither dashboard classic nor new dashboard APP.


Thank you for sharing more details @pietro ! In that case, I believe that the most sufficient way would be to raise a Support ticket on this matter, underlining that you have a dashboard classic in mind 🙂

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