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Dashboard creation for 4xx and 5xx error details



We plan to create a dashboard for 4xx and 5xx alerts.
Instead of the count, we have to add metrics in which Business transactions throw 4xx and 5xx response code. 

How to do that?



Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi @arajesh84,

If by Business transactions you mean specific API endpoints you just have to go to the Service in Dynatrace and mark the endpoint (Request) as a key request. You will then have metrics that can be used in Data Explorer for that request.

Example: You have /customers-api/v1 API which has the /pay and other endpoints.

1. In Dynatrace you will see a service called /customers-api/v1.

2. Inside this service you will find all the endpoints (requests).

3. Click on the one that is interesting to you (/pay) and mark it as a key request (
4. You will have now failure rate metrics (4XX and 5XX respectively for the request, instead of the whole service), so you will be able to see both the number of failures and percentage of failures in /pay endpoint instead of /customers-api average


Hope this helps!

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