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Dashboard on Key Business Transactions for a specific request attribute value?


Hi, I am trying to do the following and I am not finding the options within Dynatrace to achieve this. Appreciate your input.


Service: EasyTravel

Requests/Key business Transactions: Search and Booking

Request Attribute: UserName
Request Attribute Values: Username1; Username2; Username3; ....


I am trying to design custom charts on the Key Business Transactions KPIs like Response times, Failurerate/Errors, request count, etc. for the above request Attribute values. 

I am not seeing that option in the custom chart as well in DataExplorer. Also, In the filter by, I am able to select the Request Attribute but not RequestAttribute Value. Please suggest if there is a way I can design custom chart(s) for an RA value (Username1, Username2..)? Or is there a way to enter the RA value within the filter so that the Dashboard or chart shows the KBTs Performance of the specified RA value?

Appreciate your help!


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hello Suresh,

The way I see you request it is to target the main Service which contains your Business Transactions and use the multidimensional analysis chart (MDA). After the proper dimensions and filters, as well as your KPIs you can either create your own "custom metrics" and after that (wait for some traffic) you will get your custom metric into Data Explorer. 



Or you can apply a "Markdown" in Dashboard with the "mda" link who have been created. 


I hope i answered,


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