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Dashboard to capture >10 seconds for user actions in Dynatrace managed.


We have a requirement where we need to capture user actions which takes more than 10seconds in dynatrace managed.

This was quite easily achievable in dynatrace appmon by defining a threshold in measure but not sure how to get this data in dynatrace managed.



Suraj Gupta



You can define thresholds in anomaly detection settings for application:

You can set static thresholds here and when action duration will be longer than 10s, problem will be raised in dynatrace.

It’s not possible for filtering custom chart just to display user actions longer than 10s. There is no filtering option there. But you can make it using USQL tile:


All user actions are captured. You can define or filter which actions get captured, but on based on the duration.

If you need to display/chart user actions taking longer than 10s, you can do that using USQL or using custom chart. But for custom chart you need to have those actions defined as key user action.

With USQL you will can get a "session oriented" view, with custom chart only an "application oriented" view.


I've used below query to pull >= 10 seconds user action duration. Please have a look and let me know if this would fulfill my requirement.

SELECT useraction.application, count( as UserActionCount FROM usersession WHERE userType = "REAL_USER" AND useraction.duration >= 10000 GROUP BY useraction.application ORDER BY useraction.application

you can add to select useraction.duration as well. The question is as well if you want to focus on all user action or for example on median values. If so, you can use MEDIAN(useraction.duration).

You can as well make this query not from application perspective but from user action perspective and list instances of user actions that has duration 10s+ (in such case use FROM useraction not usersession. This will change as well some fields you are using.