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Dashboarding with future fixed timeframes

Hi community,

We have some customers who exclusively care about problems that arise during business hours.

Hence, we would like to set some dashboards on a timeframe including today 09:00-18:00. This timeframe does not work, as part of the timeframe is still in the future every morning/afternoon. Yes, I could pick the today one, but that would be more zoomed out and also show non-office times which the customer does not care about. They also want to have the same constant x axis with the business hours. I know that there is no proper solution for this in the UI, but did someone maybe do some scripting to solve this? Otherwise I would put this in the idea box :). 

A Dynatrace Professional nerd working for Conclusion Xforce


Hello, actually you can customize your time frame with such method (today+9h to today+18h)

More about how you can customize timeframe you can find in Timeframe selector expressions

You can use this timeframe for all your dashboard set up or for induvidual tile.



Actually, I have tried this but I cannot set a timeframe in the future. At my customer the current time is 02:00 right now so the timeframe is not accepted.



A Dynatrace Professional nerd working for Conclusion Xforce


Yes, you are right because no data can be shown for today.

If you need to watch for yesterday timeframe, you need to use such timeframe (-1d/d+9h00m to -1d/d+18h00m). It will use data from previous day. Use this in case you want to see data for today (watch in period from 9:00 to 18:00) or data for previous day (yesterday in period from 9:00 to 18:00)

Okay, so then it is not an option for a pre-set timeframe :(. This one will either not be accepted if it lies in the future or, a day later, jump back to the previous day.

A Dynatrace Professional nerd working for Conclusion Xforce

As the pre-set option timeframe you can't use such Timeframe selectore, as far as I understand (from docs), you cannot change the preset list, so the only option you have is to use it as a custom timeframe. Maybe one from DynaMasters have exect solution for you.

If it give you more help, you can use recent when you need to whatch again in timeframe of work time.

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