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Defining thresholds within a Data Explorer query

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I'm trying to create a honeycomb tile for a dashboard to show host memory usage for a set of hosts. Along with this I also want to set Red, Amber, Green thresholds. However, some of the hosts will have a different threshold to others - is it possible to write a query that allows for multiple hosts having different thresholds to be presented on a single honeycomb ?

I understand that honeycombs can not present the results of multiple metrics so was wondering if there was a way around this. 


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hello @uzahid,

Unfortunately, this is not possible in the classic dashboards, but you can create multiple honeycombs and use the host's tags for example for each group of hosts. you can add all these hosts with different thresholds but using a table view, not a honeycomb, and then you can add multiple metrics and each has its own thresholds, the following is a sample using three CPU idle metrics for different hosts with different thresholds in the same table or view.



in the end, you can create multiple tiles using honeycomb and the needed thresholds and give each tile a meaningful title to describe/reflect what you need to present.


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