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Expanding visual dashboards to show entire time range

I created one notebook page to show a 7-day trend of errors though the x-axis stops at the last instance of this error. Is it possible to extend this out (or have the option to extend it out) to show the entire 7 day range even if errors are no longer present?

The idea would be to use this as proof errors stopped after a deployment without having to match the x-axis timestamp with the current timestamp (something like dynatrace_notebook_panel_ask.png). Right now it looks a bit deceiving unless you really look at the values. 

Travis Ottelien

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hey, I can't recall the version, but we already changed this. So you should now see charts with the full analysis timeframe you selected in the timeframe selector next to the run button. 

It's been added with version 0.33. So anything past should already use and show the full selected time frame. 

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