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Funnel dashboard and user IDs


Hi Community

I built a Funnel Dashboard that works fine, but now I want to retrieve in a second tile the user IDs for each step,

If any one build this before, his help is appreciated.



Have a good day

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Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi @Malaik

in order to get specific userIds for a useraction you can use a query like this one:

SELECT DISTINCT userId as 'Current Unique UserID' FROM usersession Where ( = "Submit PE Products" and userId IS NOT NULL)




Thank @mark_bley 
This is not what I need,


I need for each step exactly.

This request is given a different values.

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So with above query the results would look something like this


which show you in a second tile the user Ids (count or list) for each step



I built the same but the numbers are not matching that why i opened this discussion.

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Hi @Malaik,

the numbers do not need to match necessarily from one step to the other.

What numbers are you seeing that would not expect ?

I would like to understand this issue better to help you out.



Hi and sorry for the delay,

The issue is that the numbers between the funnel steps and the the table bellow are not matching and this is normal I thing.

Because the second step in the funnel should come from the frist step.

And the table, we dont have any control on the actions.

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Funnel show the specific order that a user has gone through those actions, if none have (gone through the actions in that order), then the amount/count of user IDs (of that action) and the number from the funnel will vary. In this blog post the funnel usage is explained pretty well.

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